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Show Preview | Manitou Galleries: Jerry Jordan & Tom Perkinson
By: Southwest Art | April 12, 2013

Santa Fe, NM
May 3-17

Jerry Jordan and Tom Perkinson present their distinctive interpretations of the Taos landscape this month at Manitou Galleries’ West Palace location. For centuries, travelers have fallen in love with the region’s panoply of high desert, clear blue skies, lavender shadows, and ever-changing cloud displays. Jordan and Perkinson re-create these dramatic scenes on canvas and paper, evoking poignant memories for viewers. Their two-man show opens with an artists’ reception on Friday, May 3, from 5 to 7:30 p.m.
Jordan presents 15 to 20 new works. Knowing this region and its people so well, Jordan continues to search for ways to portray them more perfectly. “Every painting,” he says, “is an exercise in color relationships, an application of the science behind color. The challenge is to make each painting better than the last.”

Jordan’s initial insights into the Taos landscape came when he viewed the paintings of the early 20th-century Taos masters during his first trip to the region at the age of 19. Those works continue to be his muse, inspiring him as he paints his own vivid depictions of northern New Mexico’s land, sky, and Native American peoples. Strong, vibrant brushwork and deep color awareness are hallmarks of his work.

Tom Perkinson brings at least 18 works to the show. Already highly touted for his work in watercolors and pastels, which have been the focus of his exhibitions over the past 15 years, he has been working in oils lately. “I was eager to see what fresh new look I could create. I knew that the results would also influence my future watercolors and pastels. I like the creative energy sparked by working with different mediums—taking this route has been a voyage of discovery.”

Perkinson’s goal was to achieve in oils the same looseness and immediacy that is a signature of his work in other mediums. He’s always painting “in the now,” he says, and each painting is always “in a state of becoming—a very exciting place to be.” The artist dubs his style “romantic realism”—a term that hints at his emotional and intuitive response to the land in which he’s so deeply rooted. Look for scenes displaying the drama of changing weather, the magical character of light at different times of day and night, and the mysterious atmosphere of sunsets and moonlight.

Frank Rose, marketing manager for Manitou Galleries, speaks enthusiastically about the collection: “Both of these artists reflect an authentic regional vision. Tom’s landscapes are deeply New Mexican. On many a drive or hike, I am struck by a view and think, ‘That looks like a Tom Perkinson painting!’ Jerry captures the spirit of the Taos landscape, too, as well as its artistic history, while still maintaining his own unique style. Visitors will have a lot to appreciate in this month’s show as these two long-established artists push into new territory with their art.” —Rosemary Carstens

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